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Hi, I'm Meret

Welcome to my world!
My world means knitting designs that are fun and sometimes challenging. 

Maybe you already know that I love the double knitting technique and have already created some designs, like the Winter Wedding coat for example. 

Let me introduce and show you this technique. You'll find helpful videos and of course lots of knitting patterns on my site. 

It's not only double knitting that I like to do. Of course I also like to knit "single" and right now I'm totally hooked on top-down sweaters and shirts but also lace shawls are addictive. 

In my patterns I put a lot of emphasis on the fact that you can knit my designs stress-free. Where necessary, there are step by step explanations, or in other words, round by round. The different sizes are clearly divided and since the beginning of 2020, my designs are written for 75-160cm chest circumference. And all my patterns are tech edited, so we all have it easier and knitting becomes pure pleasure.
Would you like to know a pattern from me? Then download "Penny's Tank Top" for free.

Or sign up for my test knitting pool if you'd like to test knit one of my patterns. 

If you like my work and want to learn more and have a deeper insight, support me on Patreon

I look forward to your feedback!

Liebä Gruess (dear greetings)

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