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For a good year now I have been thinking about creating a Patreon page for my small business. I have been thinking back and forth, weighing, thinking, putting it aside and starting all over again. And this week I just did it!

Now you might ask yourself what a patreon page is. Patreon is a website where many creative people are looking for supporters, so called patrons, for their cause. A patron supports you with a chosen amount of money every month and can cancel his support at any time.
My motives for setting up such a site and looking for supporters are on the one hand manifold and on the other hand very simple:
The money is of course the main focus but also the networking with like-minded people. 
Why money?
Very simple, at the moment my expenses for my small business are even higher than the income. The biggest spending point is Tech Editing. I have found a great editor, but of course it has its price. Quality should be paid. But from October on it will go up again with its price (I understand that absolutely, because he also has to pay his life). But for me it makes it even more difficult. Depending on the design, it takes between one and ten hours to edit a pattern. A sweater needs more hours than a scarf or cowl. 
Editing is very important for me, because I want to give you good patterns that are fun to knit and not confuse and frustrate you and you end up throwing your project into the corner. 

And another reason is that I have a new project in the works, but this will take one or two maybe even 3 years, depending on how much I can work on it and it just takes money and time. About this project I cannot tell you more here and now, yes it is a little secret. But this is just the perfect transition to tell you what your benefit is from supporting me.

I did not want to set up a simple "beg for money" site, because I cannot do that, I would not feel comfortable with it. I want to give you something in return for your support. This was not an easy task to think of what you could enjoy! So I came up with 3 different levels with different bonuses. 
You can read my three levels directly on my Patreon page and one level contains my secret project ;o)

First of all I would like to thank you for reading this far, it means a lot to me! And if I may welcome you soon as a patron, I'd be delighted!
But I would also like to thank you for your support in the social media, every "Like" and every comment is worth gold for me and I am always very happy about it. 

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